Saturday, August 12, 2017

Marvel's Civil War

How it all flows together: It's a single huge mega event so yeah the flow is smooth.

The Storyline: You all know this.  In the wake of the Superhuman Registration Act (which in turn came about in the wake of the Stamford Tragedy) the Superhuman community must fight each other as they all do what they think in their heart us right.

Artistry: Perfect & modern, just the way I like it.

How much I liked it: Couldn't put it down.  Loved every page.

Final thoughts: Millar & McNiven are quickly becoming my favorite combo in comic books. Their writing and illustration just work, there's no other way I can say it.

My Rating: * * * * * out of 5.

UP NEXT: Flashpoint

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Road To Civil War (Marvel)

How everything flowed together: Can't say it really did outside a loose thread based on the Super Human Civil War.

The Storyline: Outside the ever looming Civil War there all different.  The Fantastic 4 didn't seem to belong at all.

Artistry: The art had that sketched look which I enjoyed.  They needed this throughout but with compilations like this we get various artists.

How much I liked it: It was passable.  Illuminati & Spider-Man were good and I recommend buying this for those alone but Fantastic 4 was sandwiched right between the good stuff.

My Rating: * * out of 5 stars

UP NEXT: Marvel's Civil War