Thursday, January 26, 2017

Batman: A Death In The Family (DC)

How everything flows together: It all flows together rather nicely because it's 4 volumes in a row so that's always a plus for this category.

The Storyline: This is where it starts to go downhill for me.  This originally came out in the late 80s and it showed.  The international politics were probably awesome back when this one was originally put out but it is not something that ages well especially to 2017.  None of it really grabbed my attention because it wasn't relevant anymore.  I also didn't care for the use of real locations like NYC and the UN.  Gotham and Metropolis based on real cities I like but actual cities I don't.

Artistry: Another piece of the puzzle that really dated this piece.  Don't get me wrong it was expertly illustrated but again just like the storyline it does not translate well in 2017.  It took me out of the story on occasion.  Feel free to judge for yourself.

How Much I Liked It: It was decent.  The iconic history of letting the fans decide the fate of a major character like Robin was enough to make me finish it but even then with the dated storyline & artistry I can't say anymore than that.

Final Thoughts: I will not say this was bad because it wasn't,  The history alone makes this worth buying if you're a Batman fan.  It just wasn't for me despite the iconic history

My Rating * * * 1/2 out of 5

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