Sunday, January 29, 2017

Batman: A Lonely Place OF Dying (DC)

How Everything Flows Together:  It flows together pretty good.  It's the first one I read that has different titles in it  instead of just a single novel like story but the over all story does translate well from comic to comic which means I was able to follow it and stay in the story.  Not only that it's basically a direct sequel A Death In The Family so it flows pretty well from the river that one started.

The Storyline: Like I said above it's a direct sequel to A Death In The Family so it deals with the fallout from the death of Jason Todd (AKA Robin) and how Batman is coping, not very well.  It's also an origin type of story for Tim Drake (Robin #3).  Despite it covering a good bit of material it does a very good job of not feeling bloated or rushed.

Artistry: A bit dated like before but oh what a difference a year makes.  It may not have that ultra modern sleek look that some Graphic Novels have today but it's still pretty nice and I would say it translates pretty decent from 1989 to 2017.

How much I liked it: I liked it a lot more than A Death In The Family but not as much Old Man Logan.  It doesn't have the issues I had with A Death In The Family which is good but after reading it this one still kind of fell flat for me.  Good but not as good as it probably could have been had I read it by itself.

Final thoughts: It wrapped up everything nicely and was a rather fun read so again this is one I suggest to any fan of Batman.  Unfortunately you will need to read A Death In The Family for this to make any sense so try not to let it taint your view of this one like it did mine.

My Rating: * * * * out of 5

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Batman: A Death In The Family (DC)

How everything flows together: It all flows together rather nicely because it's 4 volumes in a row so that's always a plus for this category.

The Storyline: This is where it starts to go downhill for me.  This originally came out in the late 80s and it showed.  The international politics were probably awesome back when this one was originally put out but it is not something that ages well especially to 2017.  None of it really grabbed my attention because it wasn't relevant anymore.  I also didn't care for the use of real locations like NYC and the UN.  Gotham and Metropolis based on real cities I like but actual cities I don't.

Artistry: Another piece of the puzzle that really dated this piece.  Don't get me wrong it was expertly illustrated but again just like the storyline it does not translate well in 2017.  It took me out of the story on occasion.  Feel free to judge for yourself.

How Much I Liked It: It was decent.  The iconic history of letting the fans decide the fate of a major character like Robin was enough to make me finish it but even then with the dated storyline & artistry I can't say anymore than that.

Final Thoughts: I will not say this was bad because it wasn't,  The history alone makes this worth buying if you're a Batman fan.  It just wasn't for me despite the iconic history

My Rating * * * 1/2 out of 5

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Old Man Logan (Marvel)

How Everything Flows Together: Unlike most that I own this isn't a collection of different comic with the same overarching story it's a story from a single perspective more like a novel than anything and because of that it flows together perfectly. 

The Storyline:  This category I decided to add while writing this because I think it's just as important as the other 3 I have.

The storyline had me captivated from the first page which goes a long way in making it one of my favorites.  Millar  wrote an amazing and compelling story that I think really adds to the overall mythos of Wolverine which is something I love to see in my favorites like this.

Artistry: It's  modern one made in this decade so the artistry is something I would expect to see in a Graphic Novel.  McNiven is simply amazing.  As you can see  below everything is sleek and you can tell what it is. Having seen both the older style as well as the more modern I can say I like the modern more.  They both have their place and some may like the history of the old school style of illustration but for me it takes away more than it adds to the story (more on that next review)

How Much I Liked It:  I loved it.  All of the above categories helped make this something I couldn't put down.  Not every piece of literature is able to do this for me either in fact it's very rare so when I find something that draws me in it makes a massive leap on my all time favorite list.

Final Thoughts: I will try to be as objective as possible but keeping all bias and personal opinions out of this will be impossible so I won't even try.  For me Old Man Logan was a perfect storm of everything that makes something like this great.  I loved it and will be getting the rest of the volumes as I can.

My Rating: * * * * * out of 5

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

What to expect from this

I started a collection of Graphic Novels both Marvel & DC (no Japanese manga sorry) and I've decided to review them as I buy them.  It's all subjective of course but here's what I'm going to use.

1) How everything flows together (because what I'll be reviewing is a collection of comics all bound together with the same over all storyline some will flow together some won't)

2) The Storyline (This one is different from How it all .flows so I figured it needs its own talking point)

3) Artistry (every illustrator is different and these are all from different era but some will click for me and some won't.)

4) How much I liked it (some I will like more than other for a variety of reason which I will explain in every post.

my Final Thoughts are something I will add at the end that are just what they sound like, my thoughts that I want to share that I don't let influence my rating.

I will be using a 5 star rating system complete with fractions.

there may be smaller criteria but those are the top 4 I'll be using and what I will break down.  This will be evolving as time goes on and if everything changes I will be sure to let you all know.  The main reason I'm doing this is to spark conversation.  If you agree with anything or disagree please leave a comment letting me know.  If you have any you would like to see me do let me know and I will do the best I can just remember I don't review anything unless I own it so I will need time to buy it and possibly wait for it to be delivered if I buy it off Amazon.

Cory Allen